June 2021

Multi-Cluster Management with Tanzu Mission Control

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How is it possible to have a large number of Kubernetes clusters, which are distributed across various platforms, still maintain compliance, offer self-service and provide complete transparency at the same time? For the implementation of these functions without overloading IT [...]

May 2021

Deployment and Management of Kubernetes with VMware vSphere in Tanzu

By |May 5th, 2021|Categories: License Management|

Driven by the pressure to continuously increase revenue and secure competitive advantage, IT decision-makers and business unit managers want modern applications that provide a better user experience and increase market share. However, modern applications entail multiple challenges: they are more complex [...]

April 2021

Digital Workplace Deployment with Horizon on VMware Cloud on AWS

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The management of physical desktops is becoming more and more complex and expensive. Managing traditional desktop environments with operating systems and applications installed locally on desktops and laptops no longer meet requirements for modern companies. IT departments spend too much time [...]

Ransomware Protection – A quick check of your backup environments

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In the event of a ransomware attack, the backup data is crucial for recovery. Therefore, the security of the backup environment requires special care. Last year's events have shown that backup servers and their data storage can be attacked in [...]

September 2020

IBM Spectrum Protect, what are best practices to keep in mind when executing the Audit Volume Command?

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There can be situations when the data on the tape media could be physically corrupted. In such cases, IBM Spectrum Protect can help validate the data is not damaged by using the command explained below. But, what if the data [...]

How service management platforms automate the workplace of tomorrow

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Service Management Platforms are used to structure and automate processes. They enable the tracking of each process and ensure faster response times while automating procedures, which means that the personnel can be better distributed and the service provided is improved [...]

August 2020

Does project management increase business value?

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Certainly, you have already asked yourself why a position involving project management - hereafter referred to as PM - is included in a quotation and whether this position is really necessary for you. Depending on the project, quite large sums [...]

Agile or planned? Which project management method is the right one?

By |August 25th, 2020|Categories: Business Continuity, Other|

Is there ONE right project management method for all projects? When this question is asked, the answer must be "No". Nevertheless, the question is relevant and must be addressed before or at the beginning of a project. After all, you [...]

Digital Workspace 4.0: The chatbot opens the door to a new era

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Digital Workspace 4.0 is becoming a business requirement. But if you plan to enter the new era, you are facing the question: Where do I start? How can the new technologies - such as Big Data and Artificial Intelligence - [...]

ESM, ITSM & CSM – The definition chaos

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Everyone talks about them, but everyone talks about something different! Enterprise Service Management, IT Service Management and Customer Service Management. As a hypothetical matter, almost every IT decision-maker is currently talking about these topics, but everyone always understands something [...]

Tape Libraries come back to save the day

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A legacy data storage technology has become the hero of recent times According to the Cyber Observer: The United States ranks highest with 18.2% of all ransomware attacks and 43% of breach victims were small and medium businesses (link). [...]

July 2020

Five reasons for digitizing the workplace

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The digital transformation is noticeably increasing in speed. The current corona pandemic in particular is encouraging this development and giving the whole situation an unprecedented boost. Many countries such as Germany and the US are being virtually forced to digitalize [...]

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