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Government regulatory requirements are imposed on businesses.

For example,  the Finance industry has strict regulations of corporate governance and financial practice. Such regulation is the Sarbanes-OxleyAct of 2002, PUBLIC LAW 107–204 Sec. 802; which legislates the retention and maintenance of all auditor review workpapers for a period of 5 long years.

For this reason, this data should be audited using the backup software every so often to verify that it’s available and readable again when needed.

Data on off-line media could be physically readable, but could be logically corrupt!

It’s important to not only perform the verification for legibility of tapes at the HW media level, but also verification at the logical level because only this can ensure that the data written by the backup application can be read in the future.

Checking tapes from a strictly hardware perspective cannot ensure that the data is consistent from an application perspective. Changed data can be physically readable, but could be logically corrupt. Therefore, it’s important that the responsible administrator go through the audit process of the off-line media in order to guarantee quality and integrity of the long-term retention data.

Never got to it

Many financial institutions who store their long-term data on off-line media such as tape and use IBM Spectrum Protect to manage the backup and archive, face certain challenges when having to comply with these strict regulations.

Spectrum Protect has commands to perform the audit; however, it’s a time-consuming process that requires constant monitoring of how the audit is progressing. Because the lack of automation of the audit process in Spectrum Protect, IT administrators usually postpone this audit process because other daily activities are always more important.

Mark off the archive data audit project

The SVA Tape Audit tool provides this automation by acting as a front-end to Spectrum Protect offering the IT team the control and efficiency when auditing archive data.

It does this by automating the scheduling of audit jobs – Audit jobs can be setup quickly by selecting scheduling parameters such as: particular server, particular storage pool, frequency of audit process, selection of # of drives and even by age of tape.

Automates the process of verifying data on tape is readable by Spectrum Protect. It looks into each object to verify the database can use it when data is needed. Therefore; helping maintain long-term data regulatory compliance by ensuring data quality and integrity to mitigate risk.

Now you can set it and forget it; reducing complexity of auditing large number of tapes without reducing backup and restore resources.

More information on how to automate this audit process for compliance can be found on the SVA Software, Inc. page