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The digital transformation is noticeably increasing in speed. The current corona pandemic in particular is encouraging this development and giving the whole situation an unprecedented boost. Many countries such as Germany and the US are being virtually forced to digitalize as a result of the crisis. And the digital workplace is therefore an absolute requirement for companies.

But it is not only Corona that lets us feel the benefits of digital workplace environments. There are also many other aspects that give us reason to push ahead with the creation of modern workplaces. Five of them are shown below:

VMware Digital workplace

1. User experience

Employees’ experience plays an essential role in the digital workplace. The competition between companies for the best employees is becoming increasingly fierce. Generation Z is entering the world on the job market and often has little understanding of the fact that the provision of applications and data takes a considerable amount of time. Because based on their private environment, they are used to installing applications within seconds and with few clicks. Future and existing employees naturally expect these possibilities from their employer. If these are given, your employees are more satisfied and significantly more committed, which in turn has a positive effect on your customer satisfaction.

2. Free choice of end devices

Let your employees choose their end device – be it an Android or iOS smartphone/tablet, a thin client, Windows PC, or MacBook. Thanks to intelligent management technologies, it is possible to update and manage the various end devices across platforms and to provide applications centrally. This means that employees always have their familiar working environment, regardless of their end device.

3. Centralized and modern management

In order to provide applications, administration of end devices, or the assignment of authorizations, IT often has to make adjustments in a wide variety of systems and consoles to meet the desired requirements. With the digital working platform, this effort is reduced to a minimum. Because modern management allows all necessary adjustments to be centralized and carried out at any time. This puts your IT specialists in the comfortable position of being able to react flexibly and time-efficiently to changing conditions.

4. New standards in safety

If a digital workplace environment is ideally set up, security risks are drastically reduced: A lost or stolen device no longer poses a risk because valuable corporate knowledge remains protected. The IT team can define granularly which employee is granted access to certain information and under which conditions.
It is also possible to switch off certain functionalities on the mobile device. For example, the camera app can be locked as soon as an employee enters the internal research center.

5. Prevention in case of emergency

Unforeseen crises such as the current Corona pandemic show how existentially important it is for organizations to be prepared for emergencies and to enable their employees to work from home on an ad hoc basis. With the right infrastructure in the background, this is no longer a challenge. Employees always carry their workplace with them and do not need any additional tools to continue their work elsewhere as usual.

One possible solution: VMware Workspace ONE

There are many solutions on the market to create a digital workplace environment. One of them is the information-driven digital working platform VMware Workspace ONE. In addition to providing virtual desktops and applications, it also enables fast remote access to existing physical PCs.

Furthermore, VMware Workspace ONE supports the digitalization of internal processes. For example, the onboarding process can be revolutionized by new employees: Even before their first day in the company, employees receive a message asking them to install the Workspace Hub. This is done via the usual app store of the respective smartphone manufacturer. After successful installation, the employee goes through an initial, wizard-driven decision-making process regarding his or her desired IT equipment. Then the respective support cases are automatically created in the background, triggering the procurement process. The selected equipment is then available on the first working day.

The Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub not only provides access to company applications and data but is also the central tool for all employees. Within the app one can quickly search for colleagues or superiors. Also, messages from the IT department can be published so that they are noticed immediately.

The integrated language wizard further supports employees in their daily work. Questions like “Is the conference room free at the desired time?” or “Why is the WLAN not working at the moment?” can be answered immediately by the voice assistant.

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