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Secure handling of a company data in the cloud

The current times and the changes caused by the Coronavirus have shown employees as well as employers, that employees must be allowed to work remotely not only in times of crisis. The advantages and disadvantages have been discussed extensively in recent weeks. However, most importantly is the question: How can the security of company data be guaranteed at the remote workstation, and what programs are available to support the IT team with monitoring?

Remote workstations – opportunities and (security) risks

Is this the New Work everyone is talking about? The fact is, remote work has arrived in all companies and households due to the current circumstances. Anyone who used to work from home once a week or once a month is now called upon to move their daily work routine into their own four walls. However, in order to guarantee the same security standards at home as in the company, many IT teams were forced to make massive changes. Optimizing technical performance while minimizing security risks is more important than ever before. Many mid-sized companies are asking themselves how a workplace can be designed not only to be modern and digital, but also secure and compliant. Various use cases describe the current challenges as well as solutions available today.

Connection to the VPN network

When a large number of companies were forced to suddenly switch to remote workstations in early March 2020, many were confronted with the increasing performance requirements of the systems. All of a sudden a large number of colleagues had to be connected to the network via VPN access. Gradually, the employees could be connected to the system. In order to keep the security risk as low as possible, it is recommended to monitor and secure these working environments and to eliminate potential errors if necessary.

Example dashboard with real-time insight into VPN activity.

Example dashboard with real-time insight into VPN activity.

Monitoring of the collaborative work with operating systems

To avoid overloading and failure of tools during remote or collaborative work, appropriate prerequisites must be met here as well. There are a variety of monitoring solutions (such as Microsoft 365) that monitor communication, collaboration and ensure smooth connectivity.

Video-conferences are the new meetings

The use of video-conferencing technologies has increased dramatically with the shift to remote workstations – which may place an even greater burden on already busy teams. IT teams are now increasingly required to solve problems related to third-party video-conferencing solutions. Security software that affects audio and video performance and quality for virtual meetings, webinars and rooms help ensure uninterrupted collaboration.

Sample dashboard with real-time visibility of zoom video-conferencing activity.

Sample dashboard with real-time visibility of zoom video-conferencing activity.

Backup for operating procedures

For IT teams to gain insight into important operational processes and thus ensure their stability, it is absolutely necessary to be able to query various parameters at any time. These include:

  • Simultaneously running connections

  • Active users in the system

  • Bandwidth utilization

  • Failed or aborted sessions

This requires authentication services that provide the relevant key figures in real-time and can help to solve any problems.

The manufacturer “Splunk” offers a software which can map the above-mentioned use cases. “Remote Work Insights” is available for existing and new customers who want to monitor and secure the remote workstation. This comprehensive solution provides the basis for obtaining meaningful insights in a fast, uncomplicated and scalable way throughout the entire company.

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