The IDR (Integrative Disaster Recovery) Manager Software provides a solution for organizations to organize and maintain existing disaster recovery plan in only hours not days or weeks.

IDR Software helps organizations gather in a central interactive tool, the entire IT infrastructure, processes and people required to restore systems when critical systems go down or in the event of a disaster.  IDR provides a structured view with a visual interactive interface correlating the dependencies between services, applications, infrastructure and tasks so that when a disaster situation happens you are ready to recover.

The Challenge

Companies are constantly demanding more uptime of business services and having an easy and flexible way to access and update the recovery process is key in mitigating risk.

IT teams turn to the SVA Integrative Disaster Recover (IDR) solution when they are struggling to meet their disaster recovery and business continuity service level agreements.

Your Benefits

Embedding Business Continuity

1.Recover within service level agreements

Consolidated disaster recovery procedures. One single data source for any disaster recovery planned or unplanned, interactive DR tool with recovery steps for course of action, reports, task teams and task lists needed to execute recover.

Access recovery plan quickly even if systems are down. In case of disaster there is no need to get access to any other system.

2.Everybody on the same page when it’s time to recover

Breaking down silos across departments. IT teams stay informed of course of action and recovery procedures to work together to respond effectively to downtimes or disasters.

To the point information needed to recover. Fast actionable recovery steps each personnel must follow to recover services, applications or systems. Identification of main IT-services, their dependencies and priorities.

3.Meet disaster recovery compliance

The IDR Software is easy to use- you don’t really need to read a user’s guide.  Quickly document the DR plan, testing, changes, and roles.

How It Works

The IDR Manager software streamlines the organization and change management of the DR recovery steps because:

Provides the visibility to quickly identify the critical IT services, their dependencies and priorities in case of outages.

Guides you in gathering all technical and organizational-personnel assignments and assign them to disaster recovery tasks.

Once, everything is organized, it provides an interactive visualization for identifying interdependencies between services, applications, infrastructure, tasks so that when a DR situation happens you are ready to recover.

Updating is done quickly, information from asset management tools can be integrated into the IDR Manager via data import using the csv or xml format. This enables users to quickly gain an overview over the entire IT infrastructure; which is essential during a disaster.

Security is key; therefore, access rights in the database ensures that only authorized employees can change the DR information in the software. These access rights are defined by the responsible DR manager, entered into the database and can only be changed and deleted by the DR manager. This ensures that all employees working in the disaster recovery process have access to the relevant information according to their assigned tasks.

Reporting and auditing compliance: reports can be generated to include time stamps which can be used as documentation for compliance or audit purposes. Thus, IDR Manager allows not only a fast and automated change management, but also the chance to create reports to comply with audit processes.  Reports can be customized based on specific IT Service, applications or systems.

IDR user interface image

The Solution

Integration, update and assurance of your Disaster Recovery Plan warrant your business protection!

The software “IDR Manager” is part of the concept “Integrative Disaster Recovery” (IDR) Management. With IDR, complex disaster recovery processes in the company are analyzed, optimized and documented in disaster recovery (DR) manuals. The software “IDR Manager” allows a structured creation, user-friendly handling, change and effective maintenance of the DR manual.

Because of that, teams are able to orientate and act fast in disaster cases through the explicit definition of the required DR processes, DR tasks and responsible DR staff members.

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