Brocade SAN Integration Package

This package provides an interactive analysis and monitoring feature for a Brocade SAN environment in the context of storage systems, servers and VMware objects.

The monitoring and analysis of the SAN are possible at all levels (load, performance, errors). Performance and configuration data can be accessed via the interactive analysis system, web monitoring interface or via BVQ Reporting.

Automate monitoring and SAN health improvements:

The condition, configuration, capacity and performance can be monitored automatically via BVQ Alerting.

The SAN module comes with pre-defined methods to clean up offline zones members and aliases.

External applications:

The BVQ REST interface also provides SAN information to external applications by accurately splitting ports on used, unused, virtual, physical and ISL ports and recording the load of each of these ports. Therefore, the SAN module could be also a valuable asset for accounting.

Disaster tolerance:

The assignment of SAN appliances to locations allows the disaster tolerance assessment event or complex disaster recovery environments.

BVQ Copy Services Package

BVQ supports the monitoring and analysis of different Advanced Copy Services.

Visualization and automate monitoring:

This package provides monitoring and analysis capabilities for Advanced Copy Services such as Global Mirror,  Remote Copy and Flashcopy. It shows you the data connections and all data copies in the system to check whether they are running like expected and find performance bottlenecks if it is required. The copy services package can also be integrated into BVQ alerting to automate monitoring.

External applications:

The Copy Services Package comes with a complete Global Mirror Change Volume Monitoring (GMCV) and analysis suite. This web-based toolset, allows you to monitor the complete GMCV operation and find the issues whenever it is not running at the 100% performance level and creating risks for the data disaster recovery.

Improve resilience of disaster recovery:

The Copy services package includes all the tools needed to improve and ensure the resiliency of your disaster recovery strategy.

BVQ Service Level Management Package

Supports the monitoring of Storage Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Enables cost and price acquisition of storage and other Application placement checks.

Visualization and automate monitoring:

Enables management and monitoring of storage-related SLAs and other company-specific storage rules. Differences are displayed graphically and can be included in alerting for automated monitoring.


You can access the compliance data via the BVQ interface or special reports.

BVQ Accounting Package

Using this package you can work with organizational objects such as cost centers, applications, application groups and volume groups. The storage volumes can be assigned to these organizational units, which then can be used for chargeback and different monitoring purposes.


Increase the monitoring and analysis capabilities to the application and organizational levels. Representation on TreeMaps and TreeTables suitable for a fast and easy to perform monitoring.


You can use the BVQ reporting tools to create customized Accounting Reports or use the freely available report on the platform.

External applications:

The BVQ REST interface also provides this information to external applications such as Excel, POWER-BI or your own developed set of applications. With this tool, you can have the accounting data where you need it and at any time.