BVQ supports all IBM Spectrum Virtualize Solutions such as Storwize, SVC, Flash and other platforms such as VMware, vSAN and Brocade SAN. The BVQ full license supports all the extension packages (view extension packages).

License Model – Depending On The Type Of System

  • Capacity based licensing for: IBM SAN Volume Controller (SVC), IBM Flash System FS840, FS900, FS9100
  • Enclosure based licensing for: IBM Storwize V7000, V5000, V7000 Gen 2, V5000 Gen 2, V7000 Unified
  • One license per system for: Storwize V3700, V3500
  • For VMware: depending on the number of VMs used calculated on 25 OSI packs

Data Collection

  • Topology and performance data from the Storage and SAN
  • VMware (see BVQ-VMware Base edition for information)


  • Clear and interactive TreeMap/TreeTable display of the system storage topology and SAN ports with their connections and utilization
  • Illustration for various performance and capacity aspects
  • Visualization of ad-hoc analyses for performance efficiency and storage capacity efficiency (compression and thin provisioning)
  • Aggregations of all the values adjustable to 5 min, 4 h, 24 h, 7 days and customized intervals

Performance Analytics

Highly interactive and fast analysis module for SVC/Storwize nodes, caches, managed disk groups, SAN ports (nodes), volumes, volume copies, managed disks, drives, node communication and object’s aggregations, including SAN and VMware objects

Monitoring Via Web Interface

  • Output possibility of all graphs on dashboards via a web interface

Other Analytics

  • Detailed Easy Tier analysis
  • Compression analysis
  • Thin Provisioning analysis
  • Remote Copy GMCV analysis
  • VMware relevant metrics (i.e. CPU, Memory usage)


  • Includes all metrics
  • Standard alerts
  • Customize your own alerts
  • Settings and maintenance via the web interface

Web Interface Provides

  • Access to data: Performance data, capacity data
  • Standard and customized yourself dashboards
  • Special dashboards on request


  • All recorded values are archived in BVQ for long-term evaluations
  • Access via private reporting module or via REST API (XML / JSON)


  • Standard reports included
  • Own reports can be easily developed
  • Special reports on request
  • External tools can be connected via REST