The BVQ VMware platform offers the same functions as the BVQ Storage Platform for analysis, monitoring, management and optimization of the utilization of the VMware environment including vSAN.

Both platforms (VMware and Storage) can be integrated together into one single pane monitor in BVQ, but they can also be independently monitored of each other. The combination of both platforms in BVQ gives you an easy to monitor central point.

You Can Have Now!

  • End-to-end view:
    e.i. the path from a VM machine down to Datastore, Storwize/SVC volume, storage system or even array or drive.

  • Capacity utilization view:
    e.i. a Datastore can be evaluated at the most current state of the VMware configuration at any time and unused capacities become visible. Performance metrics are also collected and evaluated, which significantly facilitates the optimization of the storage capacity and issues finding.

  • All other BVQ functions are available for the VMware Platform:
    Such as Analytic Expert GUI, web dashboards, web reporting, alerting, accounting, REST interface and many more.

  • Extension packages supported:
    Brocade SAN Integration package (Link)