Support better business operations and reduce
the complexity of ingesting heterogeneous infrastructure data
into Business Intelligence or ITSM solutions

Generate business insights by shortening development time

Reduce data volumes by aggregating and standarizing heterogeneous infrastructure data sets

Compute, SAN and Storage data integrated into ITSM and Business Intelligence solutions

The Challenge

Organizations are leveraging  the insights from Business Intelligence solutions such as SPLUNK and improving business operations using ITSM solutions.  In both cases, the integration of infrastructure data can become a challenge when dealing with heterogeneous data sources.

When working in a BI project using SPLUNK, generating insights in a timely manner can be a challenge.  Data needs to be prepared and this requires a high development effort, time and huge data volumes that can drive license costs.

It’s increasingly difficult to integrate infrastructure data efficiently into the incident management workflow of an ITSM solution, due to the various data sources and the amount of data generated from heterogeneous platforms.

The Solution

BVQ Connect allows you to seamlessly connect business intelligence and ITSM solution with infrastructure platform data.  Standardizes access to data so that the ingestion of infrastructure data comes from a single data source, reducing development costs, and speeding up development. Integrates disparate data sources and leverages it’s pre-defined monitoring dashboards for Compute, Storage and SAN; therefore, development teams can reduce development and implementation time while reducing development costs.


Why BVQ image

BVQ Connect supports a wide set of infrastructure platforms. Data metrics of the platforms are customized to reduce data volumes and only ingest the data you need. Automates incident management by automatically creating incident tickets from critical issues and events in a service desk solution which can be assigned to a queue.

How BVQ helps?

BVQ Connect prepares and standardizes infrastructure data to help organizations move forward with their BI and ITSM integration projects. Correlates and aggregates data sets across multi-vendor infrastructures into a single data source before ingested, while reducing:

  • development effort and time

  • amount of data volumes

  • license costs

Business Intelligence integration

Integrate disparate data sources, provide a common language across platforms before ingesting data. Leverage the pre-defined monitoring dashboards to ingest only data you need. This is significant when external applications are licensed by the amount of incoming data (e.g. Splunk).

Next level of automation

Move to the next level of automation with ITSM integration. BVQ is the engine of incident management workflow for Storage, Compute and SAN.  The monitoring alerts and events captured by BVQ are leveraged by ITSM systems to provide faster resolution to incidents.

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Automation, Efficiency & Productivity

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Automation, Efficiency & Productivity

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Automation, Efficiency & Productivity

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