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Mainframe dynamic capping and dynamic load balancing solution!

zGUARD provides a flexible mechanism that automatically changes your license consumption in compliance with your system and performance requirements. The software reacts automatically before extra cost arise!

Unpredictable situations do not lead to new MLC Peaks and unnecessary costs. Limit yourself only in times when you save money!

Intelligent automation to optimize and ensure operational stability in your mainframe system at a reduced MLC cost!

The Challenge

Operating z/OS systems with a “fixed”, 7*24*365 defined or Group Capacity often have the disadvantage of unexpected load situations that put the systems under pressure, resulting in subsequent problems.

As a result, the Mainframe system produces unnecessarily high costs and you waste money in MLC that could have been saved by using intelligent dynamic capping.

The Solution

An essential factor often remains unconsidered. If a license model based on consumption is used, MSU/consumption peaks that are relevant to the billing may arise, but this could have been avoided by simple countermeasures. zGUARD allows you to develop policies based on permanently determined consumption values which distribute system resources according to your billing criteria.

zGUARD is a real-time optimization program for the consumption of MSU/h and controlling of the Mainframe systems. It does not matter whether it concerns to the control/distribution of batches or changing Defined and Group capacity values. zGUARD is able to care for all controls automatically. Performance, delay and consumption values of the LPARs are measured every minute and are executed on trigger/events-based actions. A few minutes of intervals are enough to influence consumption costs, therefore, permanent capping is often not meaningful and no longer appropriate.

zGuard technical overview

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