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Mainframe performance analytics with simple representation but full transparency!

Upgrade your mainframe performance analytics to make targeted WLM decisions that improve performance while decreasing license cost.

With zWorkload Reporter, you have an easy way to report your consumption data and present all WLM goals in meaningful and “manageable” graphics.

The Challenge

One of the biggest challenges for mainframes administrators is to be able to run the mainframe systems on a reasonable and low MSU level. To deal with this challenge, optimal WLM and capping settings are required. But very often there is the problem that either there is no possibility to create suitable graphics as a basis for decision making for WLM targets or the tools in use require “expert knowledge”.

Making workload behaviour transparent is critical to all decisions.

zWR solves these issues by making the workload behaviour transparent for the decisions making process. The software creates a way for virtually anyone – including business users – to be able to review and monitor “their” workloads based on their objectives.

The Solution

zWorkload Reporter consists of two components. The first component is the extraction/upload and data collection of the necessary RMF/SMF performance data.  The second component corresponds to the Cloud reporting portal that offers over 600 graphs and reports with drill-down capabilities on CEC, LPARs, Service Classes/Report Classes and down to the Job Level.

The access to the monitoring of your mainframe performance data is web-based, i.e. no software installation is necessary on your workstation. Access is also possible via all common mobile devices.

With this technology, we are also able to load historical performance data into the zWR Reporting Framework and thus generate meaningful graphics right from the beginning.

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