Cloud Reporting Portal with over 600 graphs that can help with MSU MLC Optimization and Cost Reduction.  In addition, zWR helps report Mainframe WLM Performance Tuning, zIIP Utilization, PR/SM Weighting Factor and Logical CP Configuration that is extremely important to help ensure critical business workloads are protected during peak periods and peak season.

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The Challenge

One of the biggest challenges to mainframes is the very expensive “IBM Monthly License Charges (MLC)”.  To run your mainframe on a reasonable, optimal and low MSU level, it is extremely important that you also optimize your WLM, capping settings, zIIP Utilization, PR/SM Weighting Factor and Logical CP Configuration.

Conclusion: zWorkload Reporter in combination with IPA and EPA Service Offerings can help customers establish a very strong and accurate Performance Baseline that is necessary for customers to have every opportunity of protecting and ensuring their critical business workloads meet their SLOs during peak periods and peak season.

IPA is an “Initial Performance Assessment (IPA)” that will provide examples and identify MSU MLC Cost Optimization and examples of performance tuning opportunities to highlight the capabilities of both zWR and Service Offering capabilities.

EPA is a fee-based Service Offering “Extended Performance Analysis (EPA)” that will report in detail MSU MLC Cost Optimization and mainframe performance tuning areas and identify performance tuning opportunities supported by detailed specific recommendations to resolve these issues.

How It Works

zWorkload Reporter consists of two components. The first component is the extraction/upload and data population of the necessary RMF/SMF performance data.  The second component is the Cloud reporting portal with over 600 graphs and reports that have drill-down capabilities from CEC to LPARs, to Service Classes/Report Classes and down to Job Level.

The access to the evaluation of your mainframe performance data is web-based, i.e. no software installation is necessary on your workstations.  Access is also possible via all common mobile devices.

Customer Problem

The customer was experiencing rising MLC (Monthly License Charges) and tried to manually manage the actual MSU usage of individual workloads to lower MLC costs but it was not working at all. The manual efforts attempted were time-consuming, frustrating and unreliable.


The customer wanted an automated solution that is adaptable to his specific needs and ever-changing workload requirements. The customer wanted a lower Defined Capacity (DC) when the working day started and then use a dynamically changing DC during lunchtime. All scenarios were needed to avoid unnecessary peaks and reduce MLC costs.


zWorkload Reporter was initially used to understand workload requirements and formulate an optimization plan. Typically, customers will work with zWR Cloud-Based Reporting Portal, IPA and EPA Service Offering first to derive full benefits, gain experience and fully understand those capabilities before progressing with zGuard.