Smarter VMware license optimization solution for cost reduction!

The “GetVMware” service offering provides a complete overview of your VMware licensing inventory, and offers optimization, consolidation and recommendations to help you save on the Total Cost of Ownership of the virtualization environment and avoid penalties from VMware auditing.

VMware licensing analytics

The Challenge

IT administrators in the process of renewing, upgrading or buying new VMware licenses, face the challenge of lack of accurate knowledge of license usage and license structures used throughout different departments. In addition, lack of awareness of channels purchase and compliance with current level of support and subscription at the enterprise level.

Currently, a so-called “target value determination” for the customer is only possible with the MyVMware portal provided by the vendor, but administrators need to compare this data with other sources in order to obtain an accurate picture. This process is in many cases rarely done or if done, it’s performed manually; therefore, no reliable outcome about the current license usage is possible!

GetVMware License Review


› 360 degrees VMware licensing information and central management hub

An accurate picture of the subscription levels and period

Complete analysis of cost savings by optimized licensing

› No installation needed, agentless

Data collection onsite or remote (by SVA Software, Inc. or partners)

Compliance against VMware


› Reduce complexity and optimize license usage

Reduce risk and stay compliant with VMware license model to avoid penalty

› Optimize license model, save IT spending

Trusted advisor through our know-how support