The Enterprise Lifecycle Management Tool

orcharhino is THE solution for data center orchestration. Automate your Linux & Windows deployment and configuration management, as well as your lifecycle and patch management. Use orcharhino to standardize your data center and manage your infrastructure in the cloud or on-premises through a unified interface. You can even manage desktop computers and IoT devices with it.

Manage hundreds or even thousands of systems with one interface as if it were just one system.

Create new systems with a mouse click or an API call as a virtual machine, on bare metal servers, or in the cloud.

Automate the configuration of your managed hosts. You can roll out changes, analyse deviations, and fix them with just a mouse click.

Software Release
Manage software in multiple levels from Dev to Prod. Automate security fixes and updates using errata.

Keep track of current patch levels as well as system security and track changes.

What are the advantages of orcharhino?
Reduced administration costs
Error prevention through automation
Simple and clear system settings
Significantly faster development of new solutions (time to market)
More system stability and security

Why orcharhino?
Manufacturer independence
Consulting and Engineering
Training and Support
High Flexibility

Standardize your data center and manage your infrastructure in the cloud or on-prem through a unified interface.

Ready to automate your data center infrastructure?