Optimize Your Systems!

One of the biggest challenges to the mainframes is very expensive “IBM Monthly License Charges (MLC)”.  To run your mainframe on a reasonable, optimal and low MSU level, it is extremely important that you also optimize your WLM, capping settings, zIIP Utilization, PR/SM Weighting Factor and Logical CP Configuration.

Are your critical business workloads having trouble meeting SLOs during peak periods and during peak season?  Are your online systems or your TSO too slow during peak periods?  Does your batch workloads load your systems and causes high costs?  Are your systems overloaded?  Did your attempts to control MSU consumption fail?  Do you know whether it’s critical business workloads or discretionary workloads driving high CPU Utilization?

Then you may have performance problems in your z/OS systems that require in-depth MSU MLC Optimization and Cost Reduction, Performance Analysis and Tuning

With Our Analyses, You Are Not Alone!

With the help of our zWR and zGuard Cloud-Based Reporting tools and our very experienced performance-tuning experts, we analyze your systems using a subset of standard RMF/SMF data.  We document all results and present our and recommendations to you.  Our goal is to check the operation of the LPARS with regards to MSU consumption, WLM tuning and other key performance areas.  Our approach gives you a comprehensive report and evaluation of your mainframe with recommendations to tune and optimize your key performance areas that include WLM, MSU Optimization, zIIP configuration, PR/SM Weighting Factor and Logical CP configuration.  This will help establish a very strong Performance Baseline necessary to ensure you have every chance of meeting your SLOs during peak periods and peak season.

IPA (Initial Performance Assessment)

  • Purpose of an IPA is to help customers understand the value and benefits of our Service Offering capabilities (IPA and EPA) utilizing zWorkload Reporter Cloud Portal reporting capabilities.

  • High-level analysis of mainframe environment identifying Performance Tuning Opportunities and potential MSU MLC Optimization and cost reduction opportunities

  • Utilizing zWorkload Reporter Cloud-Based Reporting Portal

  • High-level report on the potential savings and areas where the savings can be achieved

  • High-level analysis of the WLM Importance Level 1 Service Classes

  • High-level analysis of any Capping Settings

  • High-level analysis of zIIP utilization

  • High-level analysis of PR/SM Weighting Factor and Logical CP configuration

  • Presentation of IPA High-level analysis

EPA (Extended Performance Analysis)

  • Purpose of fee-based EPA is to provide comprehensive in-depth long term MSU MLC optimization and cost reduction opportunities and in-depth Performance Tuning opportunities.

  • Utilizing zWorkload Reporter Cloud-Based Reporting Portal

  • In-depth long term analysis of the mainframe environment

  • In-depth long term detailed cost reduction analysis engagement

  • In-depth analysis of WLM classification, structure and tuning

  • In-depth analysis of any Capping Settings

  • In-depth analysis of zIIP utilization

  • In-depth analysis of PR/SM Weighting Factor and Logical CP Configuration

  • In-depth analysis of MSU MLC Optimization and cost reduction opportunities

  • Complete listing, evaluation and display of all consumption LPARs (4hRA and current MSU and evaluation of the set target and recommendations for global adjustment.

  • Establish an accurate and strong Performance baseline as starting point for measurement and quantification of performance tuning recommendations implemented and any saving recommendations implemented

  • Create implementation schedule, beginning with the least effort having the most impact

  • Deliver costs savings assessment reports, monthly or quarterly depends on length of engagement

  • WLM workshop for any number of participants

  • Personal presentation of results

How To Proceed

Reduce Mainframe MLC costs and improve WLM performance with zWorkload Reporter and zGUARD solutions along with “Initial Performance Assessment” (IPA) and “Extended Performance Analysis” (EPA) consulting services.

Start with an IPA and then progress to an EPA carried out by Mainframe Performance and Tuning experts.

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