zMaint – Managed Software Services for System Z

zMaint managed services will deliver standard, customer centric, multitenant and modular managed services to maintain software on z/OS on System Z.  

The Challenge

One of the biggest challenges today is that most companies lack the z/OS know-how, which leads to overworked employees. As a result, customer projects cannot be served, products are running out of maintenance and the operational risk is increased. 

How zMaint can help

  We relieve your employees by taking over routine tasks in z/OS software maintenance. 

›  We provide you with a modular maintenance service – tailored to your current support needs. 

›  We reduce possible sources of error in the maintenance and system deployment of your infrastructure software by using a standardized, tool-supported process. 

›  We maintain your system environments while maintaining your internal IT processes. 

Possible maintenance models

zMaint Light: We deliver your installation base.

zMaint Basic: We supplement a system concept with its naming conventions.

zMaint Advanced: We take responsibility for your system maintenance.

zMaint Premium: We also support you outside the maintenance process.

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