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Empowering Infrastructure for Growing Businesses

Providing intelligent solutions to optimize your infrastructure
with objective results.

Tailored Solutions

With over 25 years of experience in IT infrastructure, our solutions can be tailored to adapt to our customer’s needs.

Industry Experts

SVA Software, Inc. has a team of over 400 engineers providing around the clock service and support.

Trusted Solutions

Our managed solutions serve thousands of companies worldwide through our trusted partners and vendors.

Is a lack of infrastructure efficiency preventing your business from growing?

The IT specialists at SVA Software Inc.’s Operational Services support the operation of complex infrastructures. They work on a vendor-neutral base and cover the entire spectrum of data center infrastructure from networks and security, to storage, servers and databases.

SVA Software, Inc.’s solutions are simply some of the highest value diagnostic and monitoring solutions I have seen, and we have only scratched the surface.

– Paul, CIO, Health Care Service Provider

Our Managed Solutions

License Management

Fulfills all processes required to have a clear overview of your licenses and provides you with accurate information about your licenses usage.

Infrastructure Analytics

End-to-end automated monitoring, performance analytics and integration to resolve data center issues. (Compute, Storage and SAN)

Recover within SLAs

An automated and interactive Disaster Recovery run book that provides quick access to the recovery tasks so that IT teams are ready to recover in the event of an outage.

Data Recovery

Optimize your mainframe performance and costs to ensure you have the right services, reporting and automation solutions required to meet your business needs.