An Intuitive Disaster Recovery Planning Solution

The Integrative Disaster Recovery (IDR) manager is an intuitive disaster recovery runbook solution that provides quick access to the assigned recovery tasks so that IT teams are ready to recover in the event of downtime or a disaster. The IDR Manager software enables a disaster recovery manual to be structured, user-friendly, and effectively maintained.

With IDR, a disaster recovery runbook can be fully implemented within days versus weeks or months because the tool streamlines the planning and information gathering process.

When it’s time to bring critical IT systems back up, IDR gives you the visibility to identify and execute the recovery steps with a clear order of activities for applications, systems, and infrastructure to meet service level agreements.

IDR gives you a quick overview of all critical IT services and its dependencies.

Strengthen Your Disaster Planning

Businesses’ processes are constantly changing. The ability to implement those changes without jeopardizing the business process is critical. Consolidate DR technical practices to strengthen your Disaster Recovery plan.

Intuitive Organizational Recovery Flow

The intuitive organizational flow of the disaster recovery process provided by IDR manager involves IT Services, applications, infrastructure, and the dependencies. Custom Reports allow users to pull DR plans for specific services or the entire process.

Prioritize Sequence of Recovery

IDR is a single-source, centrally organized disaster recovery tool to assign recovery time objectives and prioritize the sequence of recovery. With just a few clicks, isolate the components involved and their assigned recovery steps.

IDR Manager is Intuitive

The graphical user interface clearly displays all data and relationships and enables the information required in an emergency to be found very quickly.

The Advantages:

  • Representations in the form of icons, tables or tree structures

  • Color coding of the current state

  • Tracking complex structures with just a few clicks

Functionalities that are crisis-proof

The IDR Manager provides a disaster recovery view for each IT service in recovery mode.

This interactive interface illustrates the entire recovery process.

Useful Organization

The IDR Manager is client-capable, allowing for the division of complex structures into individual clients or the division of different areas or parts of the company, as needed for a variety of reasons.

Within each client, additional user rights (roles) can be defined.

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IDR Manager Features

Single Source Recovery Steps
Isolate Components & Recovery Steps
Comply with Disaster Recovery Audits
Assign Recovery Time Objectives
Import Data using CSV or XML Files
Pull DR Plans for Specific Services
Prioritize Sequence of Recovery
Intuitive Disaster Recovery Plan
Identify required skill level within IT teams

Future-proof your DR plan and know precisely what to work on next

IDR Manager provides a quick overview of all critical IT services and their dependencies, as well as the ability to quickly document all disaster recovery technical recovery steps in a user-friendly interface.

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