Turning Infrastructure Data into Answers

Prevent Performance issues in your infrastructure effectively and receive alerts to ensure quick results.
With a web-user-interface, share the status of your Compute, Storage and SAN with your entire team or other departments.
You have access to real-time and historical views via desktop and mobile. BVQ reduces the complexity of monitoring resources of a large infrastructure environment.
This is achieved by implementing fully customizable performance and capacity monitoring dashboards for immediate visibility into the IT infrastructure.

Overview of BVQ

Automated Monitoring

Take proactive steps, jump right into the critical areas, and improve the stability of your data center infrastructure.

Shorten time to resolution

Get to the root-cause of performance issues and meet SLAs so you can focus on demanding IT projects.

ITSM and BI Connectivity

Correlate and integrate infrastructure data to provide single data source and reduce complexity.

Increase End-User

Bridge silos and solve issues before the end-users notice and problem tickets accumulate in the queue. Collaboration across teams with visibility and insight across IT layers.

Troubleshooting &
End-to-End Visibility

True end-to-end visibility with complete integration between Compute, Storage, and SAN Fabric.  Bridge silos and provide real-time insight and answers to complex IT challenges

Support Better Business Operations

Reduce the complexity of ingesting heterogeneous infrastructure data into ITSM and Business Intelligence while reducing development costs and speeding up new development.

Automated IT Systems using the BVQ Systems Health Map

The Health Map provides a visualization with interactive charts that allows you to quickly identify problems, see the components affected with recommendations and how to proceed next.

It includes a traffic light visualization to help you organize your work list and drill down to the components affected by simply following the red path.

Comes preconfigured and ready to use with an already built-in expert system including suggested actions from our experts.

Uses the BVQ alerting system that includes over 150 pre-defined alert rules.

Interested in taking your IT infrastructure to the next level?

Monitoring, optimization and integration don’t need to be complicated. BVQ offers web monitoring, web reporting, alerting and direct integration into the company-wide ITSM.

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