10 years of experience in analyzing and monitoring and being deployed in more than 300 IBM SVC infrastructures and many more Storwize customers have made BVQ the best solution for your IT infrastructure.

BVQ is the cockpit of your storage, so that IT operations will not be a blind flight.

This software platform provides full transparency, helping to reduce costs and avoid issues, to ensure optimal planning and a rapid response if necessary.

BVQ is your tool for proactive management for the early identifying of risks, ensuring safe operations, storage expansion planning and high level management of your IT infrastructure.

10 years ago, we started the development of BVQ in order to improve our SVC customer service. The product BVQ has been distributed first in Germany and is now on the worldwide market since 2016. In 2018 the Bocade SAN and VMware platforms were integrated.

With BVQ, we mix the experience of our technicians with extremely high software performance and interactivity. BVQ is easy to use, fast in analysis and purposeful in its methods.

With the use of BVQ, savings of more than 75 % can be achieved, long-standing problems can be resolved quickly and business value can be added, such as BVQ Service Level Management, to improve the overall quality of the storage.

BVQ Website: www.BVQ-Software.com

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