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Organizations are coming to terms with the fact that new technologies create new problem areas. Solving for troubleshooting, security, and compliance across these new technologies is not optional.

Runecast continuously monitors potential vulnerabilities and misconfigurations with AI-powered knowledge parsing and a patented rules engine to check for documented KB articles, vulnerabilities, compliance with best practices, and security guidelines and give you specific steps for immediate remediation.

save time


Save hours of searching and looking through events and logs trying to find and manage the inevitable drift from your ideal configuration. Runecast Configuration Vault maps out your configuration and enables you to compare changes between points in time. Choose a historical reference point and any object or configuration scan, then turn that into a baseline to instantly see all the differences between it and other assets.



Prevent common, repeatable mistakes by scanning your infrastructure and checking against best practices and security standards. Runecast’s platform offers Best Practices Analysis for your systems – on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Kubernetes (K8s), VMware, Windows and Linux. Create custom profiles to build your own set of best practice profiles and track your progress toward them. Combining your custom profiles with Runecast’s configuration management and historical analysis system allows you to track changes and deviations – so you can prevent problems before they happen.

real-time config checks

Detect issues with real-time log analysis

Quickly detect issues with the help of Runecast’s automatic real-time log monitoring for specific patterns, as described in the VMware Knowledge Base. Scan your configurations and get Best Practice fit-gap analysis reports and Security Hardening checks. Runecast provides you with custom resolution guides and remediation scripts tailored specifically for your environment. The platform acts as a syslog server with built-in vCenter log insights analysis to filter entries based on important predicates: FailedTo, SCSI_command, NMP, Unableto, Error, and shell.

no more manual testing

Seamlessly simulate upgrades to test hardware compatibility

Keep your VMware infrastructure secure, high-performing, and updated by automating hardware security checks when planning upgrades. Runecast automates the process of matching your hardware against the latest VMware Hardware Compatibility List (HCL). Simulate ESXi upgrades to save up to 90% of the time spent manually matching your environment with the HCL, to make the right adjustments before starting your upgrades.

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what is RUNECAST & How does it prevent issues in your data center?

Runecast continuously scans configuration and logs against known issues, security standards, VMware HCL, vendor Best Practices, and more – to enable your IT Operations Management (ITOM) with a proactive approach toward Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM), Kubernetes Security Posture Management (KSPM), and overall Security Configuration Assessment (SCA).

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Runecast insights – cloud security management

Runecast stabilizes and secures your hybrid and public cloud deployments by automating checks for alignment with best practices, security compliance standards, and ensures consistent configurations to prevent configuration drift.

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