Resolve IT problems you don’t yet know about

Organizations are coming to terms with the fact that new technologies create new problem areas. Solving for troubleshooting, security, and compliance across these new technologies is not optional.

Enterprises are in need of a cost effective platform that can bring all the different technologies together into one single place that allows for faster troubleshooting, streamlined compliance policies and technology agnostic vulnerability management. Organizations are looking for a trusted partner in this rather than a product or toolset.

Runecast provides the ability to monitor and analyze the environment, identify potential configuration problems, vulnerabilities, and recommendations, and helps prove compliance with regulations and corporate governance objectives.

Runecast combines the deep insight into VMware, AWS, Azure, Kubernetes and OS infrastructure with Vulnerability and Compliance Management across on-prem, cloud and hybrid clouds providing a true single platform.

The Runecast dashboard shows your entire hybrid IT environment, revealing the most critical areas to prioritize, whether misconfigurations, vulnerabilities or noncompliances.

Security Compliance

Runecast enables IT Security and Operations teams to be proactive with automated vulnerability scanning, security compliance audits, and remediation capabilities. All data stays securely within your organization.

Proactive Operations

ITOM and CSPM benefit from Runecast’s patented automation technology for configuration management, best practice alignment, log analysis, upgrade planning, and reporting.

Reduced Costs

Our customers report that their time savings alone – with no learning curve – provide instant ROI, plus the ability to repurpose those saved hours into growth initiatives.

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