About SVA Software, Inc.

SVA Software is proud to be a subsidiary of SVA System Vertrieb Alexander GmbH, Germany’s largest privately owned systems integrator and the largest IBM Business Partner in Europe. Since our establishment in 2016, SVA Software, Inc. has been selling software solutions developed by SVA GmbH, including BVQ, zGuard, zWorkload Reporter, and IDR, combined with value-added services.

SVA is the largest privately owned system integrator in Germany, specializing in data center infrastructure. The company, which was founded in 1997 in Wiesbaden, Germany, employs over 3,100 experts across 28 branch offices throughout Germany, with a revenue of more than $2 billion in 2023. SVA provides services to over 3,000 customers globally and offers expertise in various modern demands, including Data Center Security 2.0, Big Data & Analytics, Workspace of the Future, and Cloud.

Our North American team is committed to collaborating with our partners and end customers to provide high-quality solutions and services.

Meet Our Team

SVA Global General Management

Sven Eichelbaum

CEO, SVA Software, Inc. & Managing Director of SVA System Vertrieb Alexander GmbH

After several years in the storage division at IBM, Sven joined SVA GmbH in 2001 and took on the role as Managing Director in 2003.

He is responsible for products and services as well as new business initiatives. Sven is the driving force behind the worldwide adoption and expansion of the portfolio.

Sven’s leadership skills, analytical mind and expertise in business economics has and will continue to ensure the team is strategically aligned for success. 

Anne-Kathrin Boeckle

General Manager

Anne-Kathrin was specialized in enterprise storage sales at IBM for numerous years, before joining the SVA GmbH team in 2012 leading international sales.

Anne-Kathrin is a highly accomplished technology sales leader with a proven background driving revenues and profitability through effective strategic planning, financial management, operational expertise and channel dynamics.  

SVA Software, Inc. Management

Lisa Schwab

COO / Senior VP Sales

As the COO and Senior VP of Sales at SVA Software, Inc., Lisa champions the U.S. operations of the German tech leader, SVA GmbH. Lisa, originally from Hamburg, brings more than 15 years of experience in delivering complex IT solutions across businesses and IT divisions. Her strategic leadership, proven since her appointment in 2019, maximizes the U.S. team’s potential in the North American market while empowering clients with efficient IT management.

During her career, she worked for global tech leaders like IBM and has since been recognized with numerous accolades, including InterCon’s 2021 Excellence in Technology Award and IBM’s 2016 Best of IBM Award.

Schwab truly embraces expat life in Austin, with its inclusive culture, culinary variety, and vibrant tech scene. Understanding the importance of early mentorship, she is also an active contributor in the ATX Women in Technology networking group, supporting fellow techies to connect, learn, grow and lead.

Anna Henning

Executive Assistant to COO/SVP Sales

Anna’s career began in B2B sales within the utilities sector, where she provided dedicated support to major clients across Northern Germany. Her keen business insight enabled her to swiftly advance her career in sales and inside sales within the tech industry, where she made significant contributions to SVA GmbH.

As the new Executive Assistant to the COO/SVP of Sales, Anna is tasked with enhancing and expanding the transatlantic partnership between SVA Software, Inc. and its parent company, SVA GmbH. Anna is an exemplary choice not only because of her bilingual proficiency in English and German but also due to her dynamic involvement as an American Football player with the Bielefeld Bulldogs.


Shane Womack

Marketing and Account Manager

Shane Womack brings over 20 years of marketing expertise to his role as Marketing and Account Manager at SVA Software, Inc. With a HubSpot certification, he excels in creating captivating marketing campaigns and managing strategic account relationships. Shane’s broad expertise spans business development, marketing automation, event management, and social media strategy.

His background as a publisher of several magazines enriches his capabilities in content management and creation, integrating seamlessly with his marketing skills to deliver impactful, audience-specific strategies.

A former LSU cheerleader and co-author of a book on cheerleading, Shane’s diverse interests and dynamic personality shine through in his hobbies of photography and gaming. Shane’s unique combination of content expertise and marketing acumen makes him an invaluable asset to our team, driving innovative and successful marketing and sales solutions.

Vivien Allmann

Marketing Assistant

Vivien comes to SVA GmbH and SVA Software, Inc. as a Marketing Assistant. With her previous working experiences in marketing and her passion for IT solutions, she supports the marketing team in North America and Germany. Vivien’s area of competencies covers the conceptualization, creation & design of marketing material, branding, social media marketing, email marketing and other. By skillfully crafting effective, clear and customer-centric communication for SVA Software, Inc’s marketing, her primary goal is to seamlessly bridge the gap between our software solutions and our valued customers.

Vivien is currently completing her Master’s degree in Management at Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz, Germany, and has a Bachelor’s degree in Media Studies and Economics.


Erin Rinner

Senior Client Representative

Erin brings over 25 years of experience as a certified IBM Z systems engineer and solutions architect to her role at SVA Software. With a strong background in technical infrastructure, she excels in guiding clients through system upgrades and migrations, ensuring robust project execution.

Erin’s expertise in hardware and operating platforms is complemented by her ability to identify key sales and service opportunities, driving growth and enhancing customer engagement. Passionate about the ongoing relevance of mainframes in the global economy, she is committed to maintaining their critical role.

Outside of work, Erin enjoys creating diverse artistic pieces that reflect her creativity. Her unique blend of technical knowledge and artistic skill enriches her approach to problem-solving and customer relations.

Erin holds a Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics from the University of Florida, where she graduated Cum Laude. Her blend of technical expertise and creative talent makes her a valuable asset to the SVA Software team.

John Leffler

Sales Representative

John is joining SVA Software, Inc. after earning a bachelor’s in Business Administration from St. John’s University.

While completing his degree, he played Division I Lacrosse and developed expertise in sales and logistics. His background as a professional and student reflects the competitive and enthusiastic energy he brings to the SVA team and business clientele.

He is passionate about creating innovative solutions for his clients in the technology and software industries, with the mission to drive their businesses forward.


Alan Beaubien

Senior Mainframe Consultant

Alan recently joined the SVA Software team as a Senior Mainframe Consultant supporting SVA Software’s z/OS suite. Alan brings over 40 years of comprehensive System Programming support for IBM Mainframe environments to the zOptimizations team. For the past eight years, Alan has been focused on mainframe capacity and performance analysis and solutions.
His experience as a Senior Systems Programmer gives him in-depth expertise in z/OS, Capacity & Performance, CICS Transaction Server, and multiple ISV products. He will engage with both business partners and customers to assess and conduct extensive performance tuning and cost savings initiatives.
Prior to SVA Software, Inc., Alan has worked for a number of large mainframe-focused businesses, including IBM, BMC Software, and Charles Schwab. Alan has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Texas at Arlington.
In his “spare” time Alan is an avid sports fan, music collector, history buff, and he and his wife are dedicated to rescuing senior dogs. He has been happily married for 40 years and is parent to seven rescue dogs and one rescue cat.

Gaylene Laimbeer

Senior Mainframe Consultant

Gaylene comes to SVA Software, Inc. as a Senior Technical Solutions Consultant supporting SVA Software’s z/OS suite. Gaylene brings over 25 years of comprehensive System Programming support for IBM Mainframe environments to the zOptimizations team.

Her experience as a Senior Systems Programmer gives her in-depth expertise in z/OS, CICS Transaction Server, and multiple ISV products. She will engage with both business partners and customers to assess and conduct extensive performance tuning and cost savings initiatives.

Prior to SVA Software, Inc. Gaylene worked in the Not for profit, Telecommunications and Software Service industries. She has a Master of Arts from the University of Oklahoma.

Tobias Linke

Senior Mainframe Consultant

Tobias Linke is a highly skilled Mainframe Consultant with over 14 years of experience. Tobias also played a key role in developing the renowned zWorkload Reporter during his five-year tenure in Germany. Tobias excels in troubleshooting software issues and delivering effective solutions, along with providing consulting services for Mainframe performance analysis and software cost reduction.

In addition to his professional achievements, Tobias enjoys sailing and going on bicycle tours during his leisure time. With a strong track record of optimizing Mainframe performance, reducing costs, and improving resource utilization, Tobias Linke is a valuable asset to any Mainframe-related project.

Rosario Neuman

Senior Solution Consultant

Rosario Neuman engages with business partners and customers to help them work more efficiently and optimize their storage infrastructure.
Rosario brings 15 years of experience working with IBM’s storage infrastructure as a member of the pre-sales team, where she designed storage solutions to meet customer’s business needs.

In addition, she brings expertise in the Storage performance analysis area, where she has worked with enterprise customer’s to help them size and optimize storage infrastructures to meet performance requirements.

Robert Morrison

Senior Mainframe Consultant

Robert brings over 40 years of Mainframe support at all levels in operational and technical roles to SVA Software as a Mainframe Senior Technical Solutions Consultant supporting the Mainframe products. His background in Advanced Workload Manager Analysis and design is vital to supporting the Optimizations team and customers.

Prior to joining SVA Software, Bob’s role as a fellow partner was of immense value to numerous clients across North America in the Public, Private, and Defense sectors for decades.

Bob worked closely with the SVA Software team in introducing and designing the zWorkload Reporter to North America and heavily influenced the zWR product that we have today.

Now, Bob joins the SVA Software family and brings his expertise as a member of our Mainframe Solutions team.