Why SVA Software?

SVA Software, Inc. is an expert in empowering your corporate IT infrastructure. From Mainframe optimization solutions to VMware license assessments, we help you monitor, optimize, and report on your business-critical infrastructure, giving you the visibility you need to take decisive action. With SVA Software’s portfolio, you gain in-depth insights across your systems, which places you in the driver’s seat to negotiate your next ELA with your vendors.

Our team of experts are here to support you in making sense of the data that your systems produce. We understand your needs and, with our partnership, we act as an extension of your team. 

What are SVA Software’s solutions?

BVQ is a cross-platform monitoring, reporting, alerting and analysis system for a complete IT infrastructure with an intelligent connection to ITSM systems.

About BVQ

GetVMware can help you maximize planning and negotiation by evaluating your VMware environment’s license data sets to detect enterprise license agreements, compliance violations, and give you a complete overview of your license entitlement and usage, including optimization and consolidation recommendations. 

About GetVM

IDR Manager enables the structured creation, user-friendly handling, and effective maintenance of the disaster recovery manual.

About IDR

Liberyse saves costs and supports you in the analysis of databases. You reclaim primary storage, optimizing inventory for backup and recovery and saves you costs by off-loading cold data from expensive production systems.

About Liberyse

zOptimization Platform is led by an international team of performance and capacity management experts. Leverage your IBM Mainframe in a most cost-effective and production efficient manner and receive a financial benefits model to validate to your management. 

About zOptimization Platform

Tape Audit is a front-end solution to IBM Spectrum Protect that provides advanced automation on the execution of backup and archive data audit, this process is done efficiently and with more control than using the built-in commands of IBM Spectrum Protect. 

About Tape Audit