Complete Overview of VMware Licensing Inventory

Help you make best decision going into a VMware ELA contract
Central VMware license monitoring hub using Splunk
Accurate picture of the subscription levels and duration period
Complete analysis of cost savings by optimized licensing
Compliance evaluation to mitigate risk on VMware audits and avoid penalties

What GetVMware does for you

Visualize Worldwide License Usage

GetVMware provides an interactive visualization of worldwide license usage and entitlements.

ELA Opportunities

Insight into your VMware environment to provide better positioning to negotiate a cost savings ELA contract.

Cost Optimization

A complete analysis to potential cost savings by optimizing licenses and consolidation of VMware licenses.

Mitigate Risk

Expert analytics to detect compliance violations and mitigate risk of VMware license models to be prepared for an audit.

Strategic Planning

Deep level assessment of global license usage and allows for cost saving strategic planning for license management.

Compliance Dashboards

Compliance overview dashboards using real-time data provides an easy to understand view of license usage levels across vCenters.

Want to maximize the value of your VMware ELA and are you prepared for an audit?

GetVMware can help you maximize planning and negotiation by evaluating your environment’s license data sets to detect ELA compliance violations, give you a complete overview of your license entitlement and usage, including optimization & consolidation recommendations.

Get VMware License Usage

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