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Improve overall Mainframe performance or leverage your mainframe in a cost-effective manner with our z/OS solutions. Our zOptimization Platform is led by an international team of performance and capacity management experts. Use the cloud-based zWorkload Reporter and the real-time monitoring capabilities of zGuard. With knowledge about the performance of your mainframe system, you can make WLM decisions or perform root-cause analyses at any time.

Maximize value by improving system performance and reducing Mainframe costs with zOptimization Platform.

Our zServices team helps you with systems performance, capacity planning, and to fully leverage IBM pricing.

zWorkload Reporter is a cloud-based tool that includes 700+ reports to assist you with your performance analysis.

zGuard is a real-time z/OS monitor that includes intelligent automations ideal to control and reduce your workload costs.

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zOptimization Platform Advantages

Cloud-Based Reporting

Includes a daily automated required RMF/SMF upload process for the cloud-based database and reporting solution.  This zWorkload Reporter (zWR) cloud based solution does not require system resources nor maintenance from your mainframe side. 

Workload Protection

By understanding and completing advanced systems performance tuning and capacity planning analysis, we can prioritize and protect time critical workloads so that they can meet their SLO/SLAs during peak periods and peak season. 

Monitoring & Analytics

Provides Real Time Monitor and automated intelligent LPAR HMC Configuration Optimization, Alerting, Scripting APIs, centralized operations and Grafana Dashboard capabilities.

UI and API Connection

zGuard Real Time Monitor uses open interfaces for our pre-defined Scripts or customized code that allows unlimited programming possibilities.

Expertise Support

This service helps customers solve important wide-ranging systems performance tuning areas (such as Advanced WLM Performance Tuning, PR/SM Weighting Factor & Logical CP Configuration Optimization Modeling methods, Sysplex & Coupling Facility, zIIP Analysis, Memory Utilization & MSU Statistical Analysis), Applications Sizing, Capacity Planning and understand implications of different IBM Software Pricing models. 

Automation of HMC

zGuard Real Time Monitoring intelligent automated LPAR HMC Configuration Optimization helps you configure your mainframe optimally to control cost by adjusting the LPAR Defined Capacity as needed.  In addition, zGuard has the capability to carry our LPAR load balancing within a Sysplex.

Improve Your Mainframe with zOptimization Platform

Systems Performance Tuning & Capacity Planning Expertise
  • zServices consists of advanced systems performance tuning, capacity planning assessment, and understanding different IBM Software Pricing Models to ensure your mainframe is leveraged in the most cost-effective manner. 

  • Includes PR/SM Weighting Factor & Logical CP Configuration optimization and further consulting to help fill any customer’s shortfall in expertise.

  • Our Mainframe experts analyze your systems using a subset of standard RMF/SMF data. 
zCloud Reporting Portal
  • Over 700+ pre-defined reports and graphs to help you with MSU MLC Optimization and Cost Reduction across eight categories for every imaginable metric. 

  • zWorkload Reporter helps report Mainframe WLM Performance Tuning, zIIP Utilization, PR/SM Weighting Factor, and Logical CP Configuration. 

  • zWR ensures that critical business workloads are protected during peak periods and peak seasons. 
Real Time Dashboard Grafana Monitor
  • zGuard offers alerting, scripting, APIs, centralized operations, and automated intelligent LPAR HMC configuration optimization capabilities. 

  • For the IBM Sub-Capacity Pricing Model, zGuard provides an automated method for ongoing MSU reduction that will result in MSU MLC Cost Savings. 

  • All service classes of the Workload Manager deliver their consumption and delay values ​​every minute. The consumption is made visible to enable you to take countermeasures before it becomes a cost factor.

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We help customers leverage their mainframe in a cost-effective and cost-savings approach. This service helps customers solve important wide-ranging systems performance tuning areas, applications sizing, capacity planning and understand implications of different IBM Software pricing models.

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