Liberyse Your Data

With Liberyse, you can optimize the management of data that is subject to retention. Databases can exist in a wide variety of source systems and data formats and are characteristic of today’s IT landscapes that have grown over time.

This data goes through a lifecycle: it is created, processed, shared and stored. Revision-proof long-term storage of the data is stipulated in numerous regulations.

A large part of the stored data is so-called “cold data”, i.e. data that is only stored in storage systems or in legacy systems (e.g. SAP) for reading, but is rarely needed. In these complex structures, operation, administration and maintenance of these systems and data represent very high cost factors.

Organizations using Liberyse have a central archiving solution for the diverse platforms and legacy applications which has minimized the archival administration efforts. 

Now, they are compliant with industry and government regulations for their long-term data retention. They can easily search and retrieve archived data for audit purposes.   

Why Liberyse?

Free yourself from complex archival technology that requires managing hardware and keeping up with add-ons to meet data growth
Adjustable, low-cost, cloud-based billing model
Simplify archival – archival of any workload
Document indexing for search capability
Provides a self-service to access archived data
Secure cloud storage tamper-proof archiving with WORM technology
Secure Migration of legacy archives and data: migrate legacy data off high cost storage (ie. SAP, IBM and legacy databases)

Liberyse Features

Off Load & Store

Simplify and minimize archival administration efforts with a central archiving solution for diverse platforms, legacy applications and different data formats which can be stored and retrieved in one archive solution. 

Meet Compliance

Comply with long-term digital archival regulations.  Data can be retrieved quickly, comply with long-term digital archival regulation and without having to restore it to a corresponding production system.

Self Service

Liberyse provides a self-service so that users can access archived data without having to wait for the IT team to provide access.

Archive Any Workload

Archive structured data & unstructured data using a single solution and across any storage platform or interface.

No Disruption to Users

No disruption to end users while archiving or during migration because the data is not accessed anymore.  Liberyse uses scanners and these run on a schedule. 

Cost Saving Benefits

Explore cost savings benefits by using Liberyse to migrate “cold data” to low-cost storage systems, deactivate legacy systems, or create a central respository on an adjustable cloud-based, low-cost billing model.

Interested in taking your Cold Data to the cloud?

Organizations turn to Liberyse when they are struggling to store a high volume of historical structured and unstructured data that is consuming too much space and causing a high cost to store. Free yourself from complex archival technology that requires managing hardware and keeping up with infrastructure add-ons to meet data growth.

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