We Detect Hackers

With the increasing frequency of security breaches in various sectors, organizations are becoming more aware of the reality of cyber security attacks. Basic security measures such as firewalls, antivirus and network-based intrusion prevention are no longer sufficient in protecting an organization’s assets.

To ensure maximum security, compromise assessments are the most effective defense in depth measure an organization can use. Our partner, Nextron Systems, has developed a unique technology that can efficiently scan up to 1.5 million endpoints with a single click, automatically and frequently, to identify potential Indicators of Compromise (IOCs).

The Analysis Cockpit feature within Nextron’s technology allows customers to easily focus on new IOCs that arise from one scan to another using a baseline feature. In these scans, all endpoints are analyzed using Nextron’s THOR scanner with a custom set of more than 25,000 rules, modules and individual checks. THOR has knowledge of almost all active attack groups’ toolsets since 2012 and can detect their presence and traces of usage.

This Continuous Compromise Assessment approach provides quality assurance for an organization’s defensive measures, including firewalls, antivirus, and EDR systems. In the event of a breach, Nextron’s ASGARD Management Center can be used to orchestrate remediation steps.

We understand the importance of maintaining the security of your organization’s assets. Our technology is designed to provide you with the most effective security measures available. With our efficient and thorough scans, you can be confident in your organization’s ability to detect and prevent security breaches.

We detect what your Antivirus and EDR misses.

Detect Hacker Activity

THOR is a comprehensive tool that is designed to detect potential security breaches by targeting anomalies, obfuscation techniques, and suspicious properties. Unlike traditional antivirus software, THOR focuses on areas that may be missed, making it an efficient and effective tool for conducting compromise assessments.

Unmatched Flexibility

THOR requires zero installation. Users can easily copy it to a remote system, run it from a network share, or even use it on USB drives that they carry with them to the affected systems. This flexibility makes it an efficient and convenient tool for conducting scans and detecting potential security breaches.

Impressive Detection Rate

THOR’s reputation for having an impressive detection rate is widely recognized in the industry, making it a popular tool among threat hunters around the world. With its ability to identify potential threats that other tools may miss, THOR is well-suited to meet the needs of organizations looking to enhance their security measures.

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