Intelligent Resource Control for z/OS Systems

With strategic Mainframe optimization, you can eliminate the compromise between performance and cost. Optimize your resource utilization and effectively manage your workload costs with zGuard. This powerful Mainframe solution extracts WLM, LPAR, processor, and other topology data from all LPARs every minute, encrypts it, and sends it to a central server for a comprehensive overview.

zGuard is an industry-leading product that offers exceptional capabilities in the z/OS domain, specifically in terms of resource optimization, cost management, and mainframe capping.

Extensive Possibilities
zGuard provides you with an extensive range of interfaces for seamless interaction. You can not only access the hardware console directly but also utilize components like the complete operlog, SMF, the security system (e.g., RACF), and the workload manager (WLM). In particular, the WLM plays a crucial role in managing processor resources. For instance, if z/OS is limited, it’s crucial that the WLM only slows down the “non-time-critical workload” to prevent unexpected business interruptions. Without proper WLM management, your business may be vulnerable to unexpected moments of system overload, and you may only see limited benefits from WLM.

zGuard Dashboard

CEC Overview

Mainframe Capacity Group Overview

Up-to-date every minute
zGuard empowers you to take better control of your Mainframe workloads. With this powerful solution, all service classes of the Workload Manager provide their consumption and delay values every minute, enabling you to identify and address potential cost factors, including “zIIP on CP” consumption. In addition, zGuard leverages processor topology data to help you rank your LPARs with HiperDispatch and unleash the full potential of your platform.

Overall, zGuard is a highly versatile and customizable software product that enables you to efficiently manage and control your daily Mainframe workloads with ease.

DASD Total IO and Average Response Time

Service Classes Consumption & CPU Delay

Service Class Velocity Goal Evaluation Panel

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More control for z/OS Resources

Mainframe consumption and all service classes of the Workload Manager deliver their consumption and delay values every minute. Since consumption is made visible, you can take countermeasures before it becomes a cost factor. Interactively rank your LPARs with HiperDispatch and use the full potential of your Mainframe platform.

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