A Kubernetes Platform That Solves Your Operational Problems

Kubermatic empowers organizations worldwide to automate all aspects of their Kubernetes and cloud native operations across multi-cloud, edge and on-prem data centers.

The addition of Kubernetes management or cloud automation solutions to the SVA Software portfolio consists primarily of two open-source products: 

The Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform (KKP) is a complete solution to address the operational challenges of managing Kubernetes at scale while enabling DevOps teams with a self-service developer and operations portal.   

By leveraging KKP, IT teams can automate the deployment and full lifecycle management of Kubernetes clusters in private and public clouds, as well as in edge use cases. The Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform is enterprise-proven and delivers native integration of best-in-class cloud native tooling with the flexibility to switch or bring your own.    

Kubermatic KubeOne is an easy-to-use, self-service Kubernetes cluster management tool that automates the entire lifecycle of single Kubernetes clusters on any chosen cloud, on-prem or edge environment.   

Automate operations of thousands of Kubernetes clusters across multi-cloud, on-prem, and edge environments with unparalleled density and resilience.

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