Automation in your Disaster Recovery Runbook

The Integrative Disaster Recovery (IDR) manager is an automated and interactive Disaster Recovery runbook solution that provides quick access to the assigned recovery tasks so that IT teams are ready to recover in the event of a disaster. It enables businesses to create, organize and maintain a disaster recovery runbook as part of their DR plan.

With IDR, a disaster recovery runbook can be fully implemented within days versus weeks or months because the tool streamlines the planning and information gathering process.

IDR software helps businesses be prepared to recover in the event of downtime or disaster.

When it’s time to bring critical IT systems back up, IDR gives you the visibility to identify and execute the recovery steps with a clear order of activities for applications, systems and infrastructure to meet service level agreements.

IDR Features

Recover within SLAs

Consolidated disaster recovery procedures allow you to access recovery plans quickly even if systems are down. One single data source with to the point information needed for any disaster recovery planned or unplanned.

Respond Effectively

IT teams stay fully informed regarding the course of action and recovery procedures. This allows them to break silos across departments and work together to respond effectively when disaster strikes.

Meet Compliance

IDR allows not only a fast and automated change management, but also the chance to create reports and comply with audit processes. Reports can be customized based on specific IT services, applications or systems.

Interested in taking your Disaster Recovery Planning to the next level?

IDR Manager lets you document all DR technical recovery steps in a user-friendly interface and gives you a quick overview of all critical IT services and its dependencies. 

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