Simplify Your Disaster Recovery Plan with IDR Manager

Looking for a comprehensive solution for your disaster recovery management? Look no further than the Integrative Disaster Recovery (IDR) Manager. Our user-friendly software is designed to help IT teams prepare for and respond to disasters quickly and effectively.

With IDR, you can create a disaster recovery manual that is structured, organized, and easy to maintain. Our solution streamlines the planning and information gathering process, allowing you to implement a disaster recovery runbook in hours instead of weeks or months.

When the time comes to recover critical IT systems, IDR provides clear visibility and an ordered list of activities for applications, systems, and infrastructure. This ensures that you can meet service level agreements and minimize downtime. Trust IDR to help you manage disaster recovery with ease and confidence.

Don’t leave your business’s future to chance.

With IDR, you can easily identify the interdependencies between different services and quickly determine how any disruptions may affect your operations.

Strengthen Your Disaster Planning

IDR provides you with a comprehensive overview of your critical IT services, their dependencies, and how any disruptions may affect your operations. This allows you to make informed decisions and implement changes with confidence. With IDR, you can be confident that your DR plan is comprehensive, up to date, and ready to handle any disaster or downtime event that may occur.

Intuitive Organizational Recovery Flow

IDR provides an intuitive organizational flow for disaster recovery that maps out critical IT services, applications, infrastructure, and dependencies. Our software features Custom Reports that allow users to pull DR plans for specific services or the entire process, ensuring informed decision-making and smooth operation of critical IT services.

Prioritize Sequence of Recovery

IDR is a centrally organized solution for assigning recovery time objectives and prioritizing the sequence of recovery. You can easily isolate the components involved in the recovery process and their assigned recovery steps with just a few clicks, streamlining the planning and execution process. Trust IDR to help you manage your disaster recovery process efficiently and effectively.

Advantages of using
IDR Manager:

  1. Intuitive Graphical User Interface: Enables quick access to critical information during an emergency.
  2. User-friendly representation of complex data: User-friendly representations in the form of icons, tables, or tree structures, make it easy to navigate and understand complex data.
  3. Color Coding of Current State: The color coding of the current state allows users to quickly identify the status of critical components, making it easier to prioritize tasks during an emergency.
  4. Tracking of Complex Structures: With just a few clicks, the IDR Manager can track complex structures, providing a comprehensive overview of the disaster recovery process.

Functionalities that are crisis-proof

The IDR Manager offers functionalities that are designed to withstand a crisis, ensuring that your business operations remain uninterrupted. With IDR, you can access a disaster recovery view for each IT service in recovery mode, providing a comprehensive overview of the recovery process. Our interactive interface makes it easy to understand and navigate the entire recovery process, ensuring that your IT teams are prepared for any eventuality.

Useful Organization

The IDR Manager is a client-capable software, enabling the division of complex structures into individual clients or different areas of the company as per your requirements. Our software allows you to define additional user rights or roles within each client, providing increased control and flexibility over your disaster recovery plan. With IDR, you can efficiently manage your disaster recovery plan, ensuring that each client is protected and prepared for any potential downtime or disaster event.

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IDR Manager Features

Single Source Recovery Steps
Isolate Components & Recovery Steps
Comply with Disaster Recovery Audits
Assign Recovery Time Objectives
Import Data using CSV or XML Files
Pull DR Plans for Specific Services
Prioritize Sequence of Recovery
Intuitive Disaster Recovery Plan
Identify required skill level within IT teams

Future-proof your DR plan and know precisely what to work on next

IDR Manager offers a comprehensive overview of all critical IT services and their dependencies, helping you identify potential vulnerabilities and prioritize recovery efforts. Our software also provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface to document all disaster recovery technical recovery steps quickly and efficiently. With IDR, you can streamline the planning and information gathering process, ensuring that your IT teams are prepared to recover from any disaster or downtime event. Trust IDR Manager to help you manage your disaster recovery plan with confidence.

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