Simplify Your Data Center

Take control of your data center with orcharhino, the solution for data center orchestration. Automate deployment, configuration management, and patching for Linux and Windows environments. Standardize your infrastructure across the cloud and on-premises using a single, user-friendly interface. Plus, orcharhino can even manage desktop computers and IoT devices.

With orcharhino, you can manage a large number of hosts while streamlining repetitive tasks. Need to deploy new hosts? Define the configuration once and roll it out to as many hosts as needed with just one click. Want to apply a new security patch to hundreds of hosts? Determine which group of machines should receive the patch, and then roll it out to the selected group.

orcharhino streamlines your data center operations by automating recurring tasks, so you can focus on higher-value work. With orcharhino, you can standardize your infrastructure, manage hosts at scale, and oversee everything from a single, unified interface. Plus, you can also manage desktop computers and IoT devices with ease.

With orcharhino, you can:

  • Automate Linux and Windows deployment and configuration management
  • Centralize patch management across your entire data center
  • Streamline your lifecycle management with automated workflows
  • Manage your infrastructure on-premises or in the cloud
  • Manage desktop computers and IoT devices
  • Standardize your data center with a single, unified interface

Stop wasting your time on manual tasks and start simplifying your data center with orcharhino.

orcharhino supports automated host deployment, configuration management and patch management.

Host Deployment

You can roll out and configure new hosts, both physical and virtual, in a continuous process. After you have created a particular host config, you can use it to roll out the exact same host with the same configuration over and over again.

Configuration Management

orcharhino can manage all configurations in your data center, from the operating system to databases and apps. No matter if you want to configure one individual host or hundreds: Everything is possible with just a few clicks.

Content and Patch Management

Content and patch management capabilities of orcharhino include the
provisioning and version controlling of software packages. You can install updates and patches on managed hosts.

Take over lifecycle management with orcharhino →