Tape Audit seamlessly integrates with IBM Spectrum Protect to help you through the audit process

Tape Audit is a front-end solution to IBM Spectrum Protect that provides advanced automation on the execution of backup and archive data audit, this process is done efficiently and with more control than using the built-in commands of IBM Spectrum Protect.

Tape Audit helps ensure the data on off-line media is readable again when needed. Allows the administrator to setup and schedule multiple audit jobs simultaneously without the need of constantly monitoring the progress. The software fully runs the auditing process taking into account the availability of tape resources and desired routine schedule. It provides detailed dashboards and reports of files inspected and files damaged.

Advantages of using Tape Audit

Ensure Data Quality

Data can be physically readable, but could be logically corrupt. Tape Audit automates data integrity verification by looking into each object to verify the database can use it.

Reduce Complexity during Migration Projects

Advanced automation shortens migration time and reduces the usage of resources in the audit process.

Cost Optimization

Visibility into ESX servers utilization of resources for potential cost optimization.

Validate the quality of archive data

Use dashboards to quickly identify the number of damaged files, see the progress of the scheduled audit processes, and access prepared reports without having to look at activity logs.

Reduce Risk

Reduce risk and ensure compliance of industry long-term retention regulations such as Federal, Health, Finance and Government.

Set It & Forget It

Reduce complexity of auditing a large number of tapes and dynamically release resources giving priority to restore jobs.

Ready to take your Data Integrity to the next level?

The Tape Audit Tool allows you to automate the audit process of data quality and integrity by providing more control and efficiency by looking into each object to verify the database can use the data when needed.

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