Unlocking Mainframe KPI Reporting
with zWorkload Reporter and zGuard

Mainframe systems are a critical part of many large organizations’ IT infrastructure. They host some of the most critical applications, handle vast amounts of data, and process massive workloads. However, managing and optimizing these systems can be a challenge, especially when it comes to monitoring and reporting key performance indicators (KPIs). In this blog, we’ll discuss how these two tools can be used for Mainframe KPI reporting.

zWorkload Reporter (zWR) is a cloud-based application that provides real-time and historical reporting on various KPIs across the mainframe environment. It is a managed service that provides over 700 reports for various categories, including MSU consumption, WLM performance, hardware, Sysplex, DASD, channels, and job/STC. One of the most popular features of zWR is reporting based on applications. With zWR, you can map your applications as a logical application within seconds, and all you have to do is give a name and add the workloads by selecting any number of z/OS system and report class pairs.

With zWR, you can also define tailored-fit pricing containers along with the baseline to answer the critical mainframe questions of growth and what workloads are driving it, and how your MSU consumption compares to your baseline. You can then use reports to conveniently display your previous MSU consumption, your baseline, and the calculated growth rate compared to the same period of the previous year. In the pie chart, you can see at a glance what percentage of the baseline MSU has already been used.

However, monitoring KPIs is only half the battle. To optimize and secure mainframe systems, you also need to manage access to the mainframe environment, control who can perform privileged actions, and audit all activity. This is where zGuard comes in. zGuard is a comprehensive solution for the mainframe environment, providing intelligent resource control from one or all LPARs in your IT environment.

zGuard is designed to complement zWorkload Reporter by providing a complete solution to analyze your Mainframe workloads and optimize your mainframe costs. zGuard’s granular access control can be used to monitor and manage real-time your business critical applications and systems. zGuard centralizes your Mainframe environment and gives you easy access to view the full potential of your Mainframe platform. Our comprehensive and adaptable tool empowers you to efficiently manage and control your daily Mainframe workloads, leading to optimized performance and cost savings. Gain easy access to valuable insights and take control of your Mainframe platform like never before with zGuard.

Together, zWR and zGuard provide a powerful set of tools for monitoring and optimizing mainframe environments. By using zWR to monitor KPIs, you can gain valuable insights into the performance and growth of your mainframe systems. By using zGuard to manage mainframe capping, resources, performance, all while controlling expensive Mainframe costs, you can ensure that your mainframe resources are there when they are needed.

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